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How to Book Transtar Bus?


One of the best ISO certified company in Malaysia is Transtar. This company is famous for coach travels. This is one of the old companies in the entire globe. It provides service to the people for more than twenty years.

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This article helps to know about the Transtar bus facilities and then additional features of it. They are as follows,

Facilities of Transtar:

Mostly, these buses are traveling in the famous cities of Malaysia, so you need to travel more than two or three hours. This long journey makes you feel very tough, and you’ll get irritated. Due to that reason, this Transtar bus comes with a lot of facilities.

The company provides the first class coached services. This bus travels too fast so you can reach your destination in a short period, when comparing to the normal transport.

When it comes to the seats of this bus, these are stitched using leather, so it makes more comfortable place to sit, and also it contains the ultra-spacious leg rooms.

Gives you entertainment:

This Transtar bus comes with 10.2 inch LCD TV. It is fitted with each and every seat, and even you can access music or movies with the help of earphones. Every seat contains the attached speakers, so you can control the volume how much you want.

Not only this bus provides the TV, but also it comes with more innovative games. If you are getting bored during your journey, you can play more innovative video games.

During the travel, you can get the snacks, beverages, and also healthy foods. If you want, you can read the newspapers and then magazines also. Total seats available on this bus are 16, and then two attached seats are present in the last row. Lastly, this is one of the best buses to travel a long journey.

KTM Train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Now long since back from the trip to Singapore and it was something different. The train seemed a different opportunity and something of an experience. For starters ticket using a dummy leg from KL to Singapore. Never used this but it was to keep the price down. Buying a return from KL to Singapore will be cheaper than a one way from Singapore to KL given the pricing structure and with the exchange rates. This was booked in the standard class but the leg was actually going to use from Singapore to KL.

Take a ride with KTM train from Singapore to KL

KTM train from Singapore to KL:

The station in Singapore is rather basic. The first class lounge is just a quiet lounge with the comfy leather seats. It is quite colonial with a strong hint of bygone times. The station experience will be quite manic. The train itself was meant to be about 6 to 7 hours and it is ended up being close to 8. There will be no onboard service worth talking about but expecting that so had stocked up on snacks. The seats were comfortable and there was plenty of space in first. The scenery along the way was fantastic and had a chance to take it in at a leisurely pace.

If you having got to KL Sentral onwards transportation from were staying in Chinatown was easy. You can take a chance with the train and it worked out great for us. If you want something that is more leisurely then there will be a bit of an experience. You can book your ticket originating in Malaysia to get it cheaper and keep hold of your ticket receipt as you may well need it when leaving Malaysia.


Bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands

707 Inc buses from Singapore to Genting highlands is one of the favorite routes for locals Singaporean because of the cooling weather, resort, and casino in Genting highlands. Though Genting outdoor theme park is temporarily closed for renovation and then upgrading to the world first twenty-century world. It will not stop Singaporean to spend their vacation with family in Genting highlands.


Bus from Singapore to Genting highlands:

Bus from Singapore to Genting highlands is more convenient than taking the flight from Singapore to Kula Lumpur airport then transfer to Genting highlands. 707 Inc buses will provide the direct bus to Genting highlands. This bus generally departs from the beach road, Singapore flyer and many areas like Tampines, Chinatown, and Jurong east. The journey will take about 7 hours that depends on traffic condition.

You can take a bus from Singapore to Genting highlands. It will take around 7 hours to complete the journey. You will get many facilities like comfortable seats, enjoy the movie, air conditioners according to your convince to make your journey pleasant. If bus drivers are experts then they will take only 15 to 20 minute’s break in the meanwhile you can enjoy your snacks before resuming the journey. Bus tickets are available at the websites and even on bus stops.

Many bus services let for using the cell phones so that you can easily stay connected with everyone you want. You can use plug points in case if your phones charging getting low then you can charge them immediately. Plan to spend a great holiday with your family in genting highlands then book your bus 707 Inc to genting highlands now online. Easybook.com to be the most popular online booking portal among the customer.

How Long Is the Bus From Singapore to Penang?

Then are so many transporting options available to travel from Singapore to Penang, but the bus is the best option than other options. For example, making a trip by bus from Singapore to Penang is quicker than other options, because it takes only around 9 to 11 hours. This time calculation of 9 to 11 hours also includes stopovers for breaks and other reasons, so you can surely take a refreshment, food and stretching your legs too.

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Arrival points in Penang:

Knowing how much does the bus from Singapore to Penang and how long it takes is very crucial. But, at the same time, it is very important to know the arrival points in Penang to prevent confusions or difficulties in finding your destination place. If you want to know the arrival points on Penang when you travel through the bus, then this section is really for you people.

As I mentioned before, there are so many routes to travel to the Penang and arrival points too. But, the arrival point is highly depended on the bus company. Therefore, based on the company from you get tickets for your trip. At the same time, this is the first time for you to travel to the Penang and want to visit places, and then there are some specific places to land on. Some of those places are as follows.

One of the easiest places to land on is at Komtar or Prangin mall because it includes a lot of accommodations to stay in the old part of the city and you can also easily walk to reach out your place too. Another best place to land on is at the Butterworth bus terminal. Likewise, there are so many terminals to choose to land on to get accommodations easily.

Preparing Things When Booking Bus from Singapore to Johor

One of the easy ways to booking bus from Singapore to Johor is buying online the tickets. The fact that lots of Singaporean want to go to Johor, Malaysia to spend some good time of holiday, you will always find it easier to buy the tickets online. Along with variant bus operator you can always pick the best one as your transportation to go to Johor. There are some good facilities you can find once you choose this kind of transportation.

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The affordable price is also the next thing you can find by taking the bus to Johor. You know that this is one of the best aspects you can find when you decide to take the bus as your main transportation for your short holiday. Besides, you can always taste the refreshing road view and some good things such as snacks and drinks once your bus stops at the rest area.

What’s so fun about taking bus to Johor from Singapore

For you who never have a short road trip before, taking holiday to the nearest place by taking the bus is such a cool thing to do. For you who want to taste the affordable holiday trip, you can always rely on the public transportation. It is easier to get and also quite comfortable to have a long trip for. You know that having a road trip is such a cool thing to do as a traveler, right?

However, you need to prepare some things before you decide to go by bus to Johor. You need to find the right time you can choose and pick the right bus operator which can provide you such good facilities while you are on the road. Do some background check about the bus information or you can get the recommendation from your friend about the right bus operator you can choose.

Plusliner Benefits: The Good Traveling

Cruising down the road can be fun and even entertaining as long as you know how to do it. If you don’t like driving on your own, you can always choose the public transportation. The bus can be a reliable and good alternative to reach your destination as long as you choose the trusted fleet and the reliable company. Among many of them is the Plusliner that has reached their own popularity in the transportation industry in Malaysia. If you are looking for a way to travel with style, this is the right fleet to choose.

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The Things to Like

There are so many reasons why you should choose the Plusliner bus and having a good service should be included in them.

  • First of all, the fleet is connecting the major checkpoints and cities from the north to the south. You can also travel from the east to the west, visiting a lot of places along the way. You can catch any of the fleets in Bukit Kayu Hitam to Johor Bharu. There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Malaysia and being able to move from one place to another easily and conveniently is definitely an advantageous point.
  • The fleet itself is comfortable, modern, and sophisticated. With the double-decker construction, you can choose a seat on the top coach or on the one below – and have the freedom to choose the seat that you want is definitely on the plus side.
  • There is always a fleet ready and available once every 20 minutes so you don’t need to worry about a thing. You can always catch the schedule easily without fuss and you can manage the schedule in the simplest way.
  • Making a reservation is fairly easy. Just come to http://www.easybook.com/bus/operator/plusliner and make the reservation easily. Even if this is your first time, coming to the site and manage the reservation is completely fun.

Singapore’s Tourism

Undoubtedly, Singapore is one of the world’s most popular visitor destinations. The island-city is the 5th most visited city by international tourist arrivals. This is according to the World Tourism Organization. In October 2012, Singapore is Asia’s top city attraction as well as the best meeting and conference destination at the World Travel Awards. This is, in part, due to the efforts of the Singapore Tourism Board or STB. STB champions tourism as a key economic driver for Singapore and positions it as a must-visit destination. STB offers enriching experiences through “Your Singapore” brand with the support of 800 industry partners.

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Record year

2011 was a record year for the island-city’s tourism as visitor arrivals reached 13.2 million with tourism receipt hit as much as SGD 22.2 billion. STB forecasts increase in both visitor arrivals and tourism receipt. Despite these achievements, STB did not rest. In fact, one former Chief Executive of STB, Ms. Aw KahPeng, remarked that while the tourism of Singapore had performed very well, it was important to innovate and build stronger, more competitive tourism enterprises that are focused on quality tourism. This includes deepening the understanding of consumer needs as well as strengthening industry capabilities.

The landscape

The landscape of Singapore’s tourism has changed dramatically over the recent years. Thus, making the island-city even more vibrate and exciting as a tourist destination. There are additions in 2012 as well. Which includes diverse and new tourism products and developments like Gardens by the Bay, W Singapore Sentosa Cave and Marina Bay Cruise Center.

There are many reasons why you should Singapore. From its unique, harmonic culture, cleanliness, must-see attractions to food.

Are you looking forward to visiting Singapore and/or nearby area with bus? If you want a dependable and reasonable price, you can use 707 Inc service.

How Easybook Help Your Travel Management

There are so many different options that you can choose when you want to travel. If you want to travel by land, you can use the train or the bus, or even the car rental. If you want to travel by air, there is the plane. When you want to travel by water, there is the ferry or the ship. Of course, each of them has their own benefits and flaws, depending on your needs and how you see their basic functionality.

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Choosing a Fleet

In the event that you want to travel by bus because you are rather low on the budget, remember that bus travel today is more convenient and efficient. Not to mention that today’s bus fleets are more sophisticated and exclusive. In the old days, bus travel service might often be associated with funny smell, lousy service, and unprofessional manner. Today’s bus travel service is more professional than ever. The cabin is luxurious, plush, and fragrant. Everything is fresh and clean. The seats are all comfortable with the reclining features. The air conditioner has become the standard feature so you can expect a very comforting and joyful traveling experience. No more drenched in sweat because of the heat. No more being uncomfortable because of the surrounding condition. In short, today’s bus travel service is more promising and enjoyable.

Managing a Trip

Managing your trip is also easy because everything is done through the online system. You only need to log into websites like easybook if you want to reserve a seat or buy a ticket. By simply logging into the http://transnasional.easybook.com/, you can choose whatever fleet you see fit for your needs. If you are looking for a professional and reliable fleet, the Transnasional can deliver a satisfying performance. They have been in the industry for more than 20 years so you can expect a good performance and service. Ready to try the service from easybook?

Reasons to Visit Tioman

Are you planning to visit Malaysia? If so, you’d want to consider visiting Tioman Island. The island is located at the eastern coast of Malaysia. It is known for its amazing diving and snorkeling sites. It is a calm island where relaxing is made easy. It is indeed one of the islands you should add to your must-visit list. Here are the reasons why you should visit the paradise island.

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Number one is, of course, diving. There are many dive sites in Tioman Island you can choose. On those dive sites, you will find dive schools, so you will have instructors to guide you. You will get beautiful sights as there is a lot of marine life in the island.


There are a lot of beaches on the island as well. Indeed, the island has a lot of different kinds of beaches to offer. The best thing is, you can move from one beach to another easily.

Jungle trekking

Next is jungle trekking. Unlike diving, you don’t need any guides for this. If you walk until the end of the bay (that is, towards the north) you will find a sign that says Monkey Bay. Just keep on following the track through the jungle and you will arrive at a beautiful beach.

If you are too tired to walk all the way back, don’t worry. There is a man at the beach offering his boat as a taxi service.

Water activities

While diving on Tioman Island is amazing, it is not ‘the thing’ for everyone. No need to worry. There is still a lot of water activities you can do. For instance, you can rent out a kayak and explore the coast on your own. You can rent out a surfboard and go surfing as well.

Of course, there still many other reasons why you should Tioman Island. The above is only some examples. Amazing , right? If you are interested in visiting the island, you can get a bus to Tioman from Singapore. And, all you need to do is to contact us.

What Are You Waiting For to Visit Mersing?

Now, going to Mersing is not difficult to do anymore because you can use the bus to Mersing. You can go to Mersing simply and do not need to wait for the ticket that readies on the bus counter. Why? It is because of you can arrange your trip to Mersing easily. You can do the online reservation by visiting our site at easybook.com and you will find many things to consider. whether you want to have the trip in next three months or more, you can do that. Keep in your mind that all you need is only get the best travel agency that can accompany your journey. Is it possible to go to Mersing from Singapore? that is what we are offered!
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Check the Schedule

You can put your date to go to the Mersing from Singapore. there is three schedules are available. They are at 09.30 Am, 07.30 PM, and 10.00 PM. That three schedule is used one bus type. It is a Transnasional bus. The cost is MYR 121.06 for adult and MYR 94.08 for children. We offer you the deal price and you can compare it to the bus counter price. We have a bit higher price but we ensure you to get the seat and can cancel your trip if you need it later.

You can select your seat conveniently too. Only by visit http://www.easybook.com/en-sg/bus/booking/singapore-to-mersinggatewaytotioman and you can find many surprises in it. you can get the best deal ever from Singapore the Plaza to the Johor, Mersing, Gateway to Tioman. What are you waiting for anymore? Call us now and reserve your seat! It would be the great trip ever with us because you can arrange it nicely and full of preparation soon! Check it out more!