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Background details and benefits of the carrageenan

A carrageenan is a group of food ingredients smile to the sulfated polysaccharides. These are used for different purposes in the food industry, in that mostly it is used as a thickening agent or stabilizing agent.

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The capability of the carrageenan to easily mingle with the proteins makes them especially useful in the dairy products and meat products.In addition to this, the carrageenans are slowly used commonly in most of the juices and baby formulas.

The process of extracting the carrageenan’s from the red seaweeds starts with drying of seeds and bladed. Then it is grounded, shifted and wastes to remove the sand and other impurities in it. The seaweed is a dumpedintoanalkali solution like potassium hydroxide and heated to get the carrageenan from the seaweed.

The cellulose is in the carrageenan is then removed automatically with filtration and centrifugation procedures. The result ends evaporated to remove the water, and then the powdered carrageenan is ground to get final specifications.

Carrageen can also be made at home using a process similar to that used for marketable production. This procedure has been known subsequently600 BC, even though the commercial production of carrageenan didn’t begin until the 1930s.

Carrageenan is classified into 3classes, depending on the degree of sulphation. That are,

  • The disaccharides in kappa-carrageenan which have 1 sulfate,
  • the disaccharides in iota-carrageenan which have 2 sulfates,
  • The disaccharides in lambda-carrageenan which have 3 sulfates.

The carrageen has been used as a powerful antioxidant and some of the other properties of the carrageenan make it as a useful in health supplements. Lambda-carrageenan is the most common form used in these supplements because later it doesn’t gel and is soluble in cold water.

You can use the carrageenan in your food without any doubts on it.

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