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How to Book Transtar Bus?


One of the best ISO certified company in Malaysia is Transtar. This company is famous for coach travels. This is one of the old companies in the entire globe. It provides service to the people for more than twenty years.

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This article helps to know about the Transtar bus facilities and then additional features of it. They are as follows,

Facilities of Transtar:

Mostly, these buses are traveling in the famous cities of Malaysia, so you need to travel more than two or three hours. This long journey makes you feel very tough, and you’ll get irritated. Due to that reason, this Transtar bus comes with a lot of facilities.

The company provides the first class coached services. This bus travels too fast so you can reach your destination in a short period, when comparing to the normal transport.

When it comes to the seats of this bus, these are stitched using leather, so it makes more comfortable place to sit, and also it contains the ultra-spacious leg rooms.

Gives you entertainment:

This Transtar bus comes with 10.2 inch LCD TV. It is fitted with each and every seat, and even you can access music or movies with the help of earphones. Every seat contains the attached speakers, so you can control the volume how much you want.

Not only this bus provides the TV, but also it comes with more innovative games. If you are getting bored during your journey, you can play more innovative video games.

During the travel, you can get the snacks, beverages, and also healthy foods. If you want, you can read the newspapers and then magazines also. Total seats available on this bus are 16, and then two attached seats are present in the last row. Lastly, this is one of the best buses to travel a long journey.

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